Muddy Buddy

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Fans of The Bubblery love our healthy and fun soaps. We have been working for the past 4 years intensively on a dedicated facial/problem skin line of soaps. This is MUDDY BUDDY. Loaded with DEAD SEA mud, French Green Clay, French Yellow Clay, Australian Olive Green Clay and Australian Blue Washed Clay. 1.French Yellow Clay for skin applications is a tried and true remedy in particular for people ...with oily skin. Naturally absorbent, this desirable skin remedy cleans, tightens, and renews skin cells. 2.Green Clay is used at the finest spas and resorts for facials and herbal body packs. French Green Clay absorbs dirt, oil, and bacterica, while gently cleansing the pores. Skin is left soft and vibrant. 3.Strengthening for all skin types, Australian Olive Green Clay is the strongest of all clays for detoxification and is beneficial for use on acne-prone and oily skin. Minerals in the clay help to rebalance oil flow, strengthen the skin, and aid in the repair of scars. It is ideal for body wraps after pregnancy, where cellulite or stretch marks are of concern. 4. Australian Blued Washed Clay can be used to wash away the impurities used in the treatment of oily and problematic skin. It also regulates sebum flow, cleanses hair follicles and dissolves impurities on the skin.


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    My teenager will only use two products on her face

    Posted by Linda Hawley on 31st Jan 2018

    My teenager will only use two products on her face. The Bubblery Muddy Buddy, and the Fresh Face tea tree soap. She's only been using these two products for years, and her skin is PERFECT!

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    i love this soap!

    Posted by Rebecca Cattin on 16th Dec 2017

    This soap is amazing! I look forward to using it each day.