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Spring Time is Here!

Spring is here & we are fully embracing it! We have curated some fresh scents for you to enjoy in so many ways.


Roll-on Perfume, Body Frosting, Scrub, Body Nectar, Body Wash, Beard Oil, Room

Spray and more!! 


Lemongrass + Mint: herbal blend to cool you down and lighten the mood

Peachy Rose: perfect blend of a peach tree next to the rose garden, sweet & fresh floral

Pineapple Whip: lightly sweetened Pineapple and creme

Bees Knees: deep floral of Night Violet complimented with sweet manuka honey to create a warm blend spring

Lemon Creme Brulée: bright Lemon swirled into toasted creme brulée & a pinch of coconut sugar

It's Bananas: sweet banana and coconut milk

Cactus Nectar: One of our favorites!

blended to be grounding with cactus flower, earthy cactus, a touch of honey and spinach  

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